Engine Rebuilds

Engine Rebuilds

At Superior Auto Sports we have the expertise to rebuild and maintain your race engine.
We have access to all parts, special tooling and technical data needed to keep these engines running at peak performance levels.
We currently rebuild and service all Formula Atlantic and F2 engines including:

  • Cosworth
  • BDD
  • BDG
  • Lotus Twin Cam
  • Cross Flow Kent
  • Hart 420R
  • BMW M12/7

We also rebuild and service Formula 1 engines including

  • Ferrari V6 Turbo 1.5 L
  • Hart 415T
  • BMW M12/13 Megatron
  • Repco Braham 2.5L, 3.0L F1, 3.5L, 5.0L

All engines can be run in and tuned in-house in our state-of-the-art engine dyno and chassis dyno facilities.